Hey everyone~! It's been a long time, ne? [Again. =__=;;]

Ehe. It's about two o'clock in the morning over here but I just can't sleep until I finish my lineart for another Vector art project I have in my mind. *shineshine*

Ahhh~ It never gets old. = v =

Kyaaaaaah~! Uber palpitating MaruAn hemorrhage attack! *dies*

It's been ages since I last did a vector art [though I'm glad I did it again. It annoys people and amuses me at the same time. Aha.] Based off the amaaaaaazing and hot "Secret ~Black Vow~" by Suzunosuke-sama.

Will color and post ASAP. ['Coz I just loooooove doing that.]


ZOMG, I'm back~!

Hey guys, it's been quite a while huh? Haven't been much online nowadays. u__u School has been veeery cruel. Excuses excuses.

...Well. This is my first update for the year! *confetti*

...And I'll be having my Prom in hours. XD

Had my dress sewed 8D I'mma show you guys a picture~! Cause I suck just like that. XD;;;

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OTP || Tenipuri

[Meme] Ten OTP's

Meme snagged from [info]faintdoodles 8D

1) Pick 10 OTPs from 10 different fandoms. (or 5 ships from 5 fandoms, etc.)
2) Without saying anything, post an image/images for the ship. Bonus points if it's official/based off an official moment. (the image, if it's a comic, can have text)
3) Squee!

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